Photographers are people who see everything in subjects. They are the best people to hang-out with as you always get best pictures of yourself that you can flaunt. But what about gifting this bunch of people? How to find gifts that are perfect for them and truly acknowledges the photographer in them? Well, that’s a confusing thing to decide on what you can gift to your photographer friend that is unique, unusual and perfect for them.

Here are some 10 unusual gifts for photographers that can be found easily online and can be your best possible choice for some photographer you know.

1. Camera Roll Toilet Paper Cover

Camera Roll Toilet Paper Cover

This is probably a unique gift on the block for your photographer friend, family or even a partner. It is sure to bring not only wonder but a faint smile on their faces. This particular toilet paper roll cover holds a normal size of toilet paper and is pretty user-friendly. The cover gives out a look of camera reels that can be a work of art when stationed in the bathroom. So, next time when they sit for answering their nature’s call you might be remembered during their not-so-public time.

2. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Even the stylish photographer you know who is always busy with their lenses needs a coffee break. These mugs are made for your camera crazy friend who is sure to love it. The mug gives away the look of a camera lens but has all the features of a proper mug apart from the unconventional look. These mugs are spill-proof, come with a cover, perfect for traveling and are eco-friendly. So, this mug will not only satisfy the photographer’s fetish but their caffeine demand too.

3. Camera-Shaped Flash Drive

Camera-Shaped Flash Drive

Flash drives are one important gadget these days that are impossible to be without. Even a photographer needs these gadgets to carry pictures from here and there. But if you are thinking to gift, a photographer a flash drive then opt for this camera shaped flash drive. The flash drive gives away the look of a proper camera with a lens. The USB attaches to the lens which is covered with a camera.

4. Vintage Style Camera Bookends

Vintage Style Camera Bookends

If you are looking for gift options for somebody who is not only a Photographer but a Booklover too, then no gift can surpass this beauty. The bookend comes in a bronze finish and has the look of vintage cameras. This can be a piece of your creativity lined up with their books in the name of a gift. These are widely available in various vintage camera designs to choose from and can be an apt example of uniqueness.

5. Keyboard Skin for Photoshop Shortcuts

Keyboard Skin for Photoshop Shortcuts

Photography means post-shooting lengthy and time taking process of editing, color correction, and other Photoshop jobs. This boring job includes spending huge time in front of the computers typing. How about making this task fun by gifting the photographer you know these keyboard skin which is apt for Photoshop purposes? The Keyboard skin has PS shortcuts mentioned in different colors in the keys so that the person using it gets their work done with speed and a smile.

6. Holga Filter Wheel

Holga Filter Wheel - Unusual Gifts for Photographers

This is the age of filtered pictures. You can find a variety of pictures lined up in the social media that is simple but gets a pump with the use of filters. These Holga filter wheels are available for both cameras and phones. Why let the photographing genius that you know work with robotic filters? Gift them the fun filter wheel and ask them to create magic manually. These are like a one-stop shop for instant manual magic. So, every time they wheel the Holga you get wheeled in their minds too.

7. Camera Buckle Lens Cap Holder

Camera Buckle Lens Cap Holder

After some quirky options, let’s come down to some serious business. Useful and unusual gifts are hard to find but if you get them don’t let go of it. Like this camera buckle lens cup holder. Every time a photographer opens the lens cap, it becomes a task to keep the cap in a safe place. This particular buckle lens cap holder is perfect for such a need. The buckle has a mechanism which holds the lens cup just like it holds to a camera. Gift the photographer partner of yours this lens cap and let them keep the lens cap buckled just they have kept you for so long.

8. Cookie Cutters in the shape of a camera

Cookie Cutters in the shape of a camera

Does the photographer you know loves to munch on cookies? Well, we have a perfect gift option for this genre of people. These BPA free cookie cutters come in shapes of cameras. Eating cookies have never been interesting as every time they will bite on some home-made cookies it will make them camera ready. These cookie cutters are made of high-grade plastics that don’t pose any problems to the health.

9. Cuff-Links in camera dial style

Cuff-Links in camera dial style

These cuff-links provide the look of dials that are available in the camera. Style and camera goes hand-in-hand and these cuff-links are a perfect example of that. If you are looking for some unique gift options for the Photographer you know then, this can sit perfectly to your need. Just like the feel of regular cuff-links that are available in the market, these cuff-links will look like a camera dial.

10. Bottle Cap Tripod

Bottle Cap Tripod

Last but not the least is this bottle cap tripod for the photographer who is on the go. It can be a perfect gift for the photographer who is a traveler too. This particular kind of tripod sits well in a majority of the bottles. So, if you know somebody who is a photographer and traveler by passion and wants to explore the world with a bag, bottle and camera babe then this can be a best option for them.

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These are some unusual but useful gifts for the photographer somebody you who is head over heels in love with clicking. These options are easily and widely available online and will definitely cater to all your gifting needs. All you need to do is get down and jot the ones you need for any impending gifting situations.

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