A six year old kid has either just started kindergarten or has already 1 year of school. At this age, they are readers, and want to find out things for themselves. You may find them making friends or bullying others around them. The age of six is where children push boundaries and explore at whatever cost.

For you to help your child grow, you need to take care of them during this particular age. You need to buy those gifts that will aid in imparting definite knowledge in one way or another in their lives. The good thing about this age is that they can communicate well and will probably tell you what they want. But be informed that you need to but useful toys for these kids.

First graders need a different set of toys that relate to their lives and the things that are being in school. The primary objective of toys at this age is not to outdo the formal education, but to make learning more comfortable and fun at the same time. The following kind of toys will help you choose a perfect toys for 6 year old boys the next time you go shopping.

Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

1. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

This is an excellent gift for your 6 year boy child who seems to have an interest in the world of darts. Doinkit Darts is made of Neodymium that is excellent for magnetic attraction with a tripped dart. Since playing Darts is not enjoyable when you are alone, it creates an opportunity for your child to socialize and to learn as well.

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Doinkit Dart Magnetic Dart Board is lightweight, and you can also play with your child when you are free. It teaches your child to concentrate, focus and magnetic strength as well.

2. Trex Dinosaur 3D Puzzle

Trex Dinosaur 3D Puzzle

The next product in our list of 10 education toys for 6 year old boys is this dinosaur puzzle. If you are looking for something to always keep your son busy, look no further as Trex Dinosaur has got you covered. Unlike other ordinary puzzle toys, this one is like a real robot. It also has unique features like by one single clap, and the walking mechanism will be activated.

The moment you buy your child this toy, you will forget about the naggings you have heard around for a while. You kid will be delighted by the look and also the roaring that the dinosaur makes. The most exciting thing about this gadget is that your child will assemble the parts themselves to create the 3D effect.

3. Hover Ball

Hover Ball

It may look like a simple toy, but it is one of the best-selling toys with more 600 reviews on Amazon.com. It is a perfect toy that can be of use both indoors and outdoors as it is soft and smooth to carry. Hover Ball is the best toy to have fun with during cold and rainy season when your child cannot go outside to play.

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Your boy can have an exciting time tossing the ball in the living room or the hall. You don’t have to fear about the breakages that might occur as this ball has an air-filled design making it harmless. There is nothing else for boys like soccer! The uniqueness of this ball is that you can also see it in the dark as it has bright flashing LED lights.

4. 1/14 Scale Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Remote Control

Scale Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Remote Control

Young boys at the age of 6 years adore Ferraris. 1/14 scale model car is a complete car with 5-spoke wheels that are beautiful the moment you see them. Not to mention the body which is streamlined with front grille and side mirrors just like a typical car.

The 1/14 Scale Ferrari is a classic car that any kid would want to have. Having this toy will enhance his imagination in making fantasy into tangible things.

5. Super Stadium baseball Games

Super Stadium baseball Games

If your kid is fun of baseball, getting this super exciting stadium will help them concentrate and focus on the things around. With this baseball stadium, your child can command players and have fun while they play. The cool features found in this toys makes the boys love the mechanism and the game at large.

6. Draw like a Pro Artist Studio

Draw like a Pro Artist Studio

Drawing is part of the life of every 6-year child. They draw in school as it helps them understands things easily. If you notice that your child is always asking for a drawing book, he has the talent and interest in drawing. Get him a draw like a pro artist studio toy, and you will have done the best thing as a parent.

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The toy comes with 124 slides, six markers and ten sheets that will help your kid have an exciting time. Due to its latest technology the kid also learn to operate a projector.

7. 48-Inch Mega Crane Playset

48-Inch Mega Crane Playset

It is a toy meant to impress boys so that they may appreciate engineering while feeling like a machine operator. Buying this toy enables the kid to create things in his mind allowing them to be creative.

8. Discovery Magic Set

Discovery Magic Set

It’s all about exploring. Discovery magic set provides a platform for your kid to master tricks and be able to shine. This set boosts their confidence and boldness to solve issues at a later age. It is one of the most interesting toys for 6 year old boys.

9. Neo Tracks Twister Tracks

Neo Tracks Twister Tracks

The second last product on our list of 10 imaginative toys for 6 year old boys is this Neo Tracks Twister Truck. This toy enables your kid to build highways for their small toy cars. With 258 pieces that the child can use to create colored and beautiful tracks, the kid’s brain develops as he builds the different routes in their minds and lay around with the cars.

10. Sports Dude Perfect PerfectShot Hoops

Sports Dude Perfect PerfectShot Hoops

This toy is an easy-to-hang basketball hoop that your kid can play with inside or outside the house. It is a perfect toy for your kid to exercise, socialize and have fun. With this toy, the boy can shoot with his friends at any time during their free time. The child learns how to keep fit as he shoots the ball. In case he has a problem with the height you can adjust quickly to their preference.

Hope you enjoyed our list of 10 educational and imaginative toys for 6 year old boys.

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