Are you looking for that perfect housewarming gifts for your friend or family? Then, exploring ideas about what to get someone for their new home can be quite challenging. Deciding on getting something decorative or useful can be puzzling and sometimes even frustrated if you are not sure what their taste is in decorating. However, for some people keeping it simple and finding something that will be useful, never fails when buying something as a housewarming gift. Whether, it is something for the kitchen or something for the house as a whole, your gift will not be overlooked when picking the perfect one.

10 Practical Housewarming Gifts

1. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

The first product on our list of practical housewarming gifts is a cutting board. Nothing says home like something personal for the kitchen. A personalized cutting board for the new homeowners will be what helps every meal come together perfectly. This engraved cutting board will create perfect memories for a new home. If you choose this as a gift to give, you will be able to choose between four different wood types.

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So if whether picking Bamboo, Walnut, Cherry, or White Oak, your gift will be personalized on the wood that is perfect for the homeowners. This board is also great for just having as a decoration in the kitchen. So, when giving this gift to the new homeowners, they will not only have something useful to cook on, but also something great to look at.

2. Vonshef Square Slide Out Bamboo Cheese Board

Vonshef Square Slide Out Bamboo Cheese Board

What better way to make a house a home, than to welcome the homeowner with a cheese board? This bamboo made board comes with a stilton knife, cheddar knife, hard cheese knife, and a cheese fork. These utensils which are made of stainless steel goes great with this cheese board. This cheese board is one of the perfect housewarming gifts for the new homeowner in your life.

3. Roulette Drinking Game

Roulette Drinking Game

If you want something truly unique and different for your gift for the homeowner, then this drinking game is the perfect gift. Casino night could not be celebrated any better than with this roulette drinking game. This game that comes with 16 one-ounce shot glasses, two roulette balls, and one roulette wheel, will be the talk of the housewarming party. Casino nights will never be the same again with this roulette drinking game.

4. Eravino World Globe Decante

Eravino World Globe Decante

This unique decanter is a perfect housewarming gift for the homeowner who will want to have a drink to unwind after work. The design of this decanter is not just unique because of the globe shape, but also because of the sailing ship on the inside of it. The map that is etched on the side of the decanter also makes it stand out.

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Your favorite homeowner will have the peace of mind knowing that a tight fitted glass stopper will keep the air out of the decanter. This gift will be one that will be a favorite of the homeowner in your life and the design will be one that appeals to visitors.

5. Big Mouth Toys The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Big Mouth Toys The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Does your favorite homeowner love to garden? Then, this fun garden toy may stand out in a very humorous way. This garden toy will stand out and make your homeowner fall in love with it. Hand-painted and made of a poly resin, this statue was made to withstand all elements of weather. However, if your homeowner loves this gift so much, they may also want to keep it on the inside. This 9” tall garden toy will be eye-catching and appealing for any homeowner.

6. Elecstars Bluetooth Speakers

Elecstars Bluetooth Speakers

If you are looking for something a little more high tech for the new homeowner in your life, then this lamp is perfect for them. Not only will they enjoy the light, but also their favorite music along with the built-in Bluetooth. This lightweight lamp comes with an updated version of LED speakers. If the homeowner in your life wants to unwind with dim lighting, then this lamp has adjustable lighting for their comfort level.

7. Welcome Home Care Package

Welcome Home Care Package

Nothing says home sweet home more than a care package full of cleaning and personal care items. This care care package will go a long way with your homeowner by helping them with their home care needs. The Welcome Home Care Package comes with 17 big brands. This care package will be very appreciated by the new homeowner.

8. Lulu Decor

Lulu Decor

One gift that may stand out with the homeowner in your life is this leaf metal wall clock. This metal wall clock is one of the most elegant and useful housewarming gifts we came across. This beautiful clock will mesmerize and intrigue any guest who enters the home. The leaf inspired clock is silent and non-ticking. Your favorite homeowner will embrace this wall clock and watch as it highlights their wall every day.

9. 3 Tier Black Triple Hammock

3 Tier Black Triple Hammock

Take gift giving to the next level with this 3 tier hammock. The brand new homeowner will love the display of fruit with unique hammock. This eye-catching hammock also provides circulation to fruits and vegetables to make them fresher longer. The 3 Tier Triple Hammock will be one of the greatest gifts that your homeowner friend will love.

10. BonNoces 34 Ounce Coffee/ Tea Thermal Carafe

BonNoces 34 Ounce Coffee

Our last recommendation of the practical housewarming gifts is a tea and coffee thermal. Why not give your friend a beautiful and elegant gift like a BonNoces coffee and tea thermal? This unique gift is environmentally friendly and has a double walled thermos vacuum that locks in temperature for preserving flavor and freshness. Your new homeowner will love this this thermos not only because of the design, but also because of the length of time the temperature are kept on beverages.

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Whether you are drinking a hot cup of coffee or cup of iced tea, this thermal is convenient and even provides and open and close button. This is the perfect unwind gift after a hard day’s work.

Whether you are giving a bottle of wine or a cheese board, the perfect gift to welcome a homeowner into their new home will be one that is thought out and brings memories. Your gift will be what brings joy and happiness to the new home of the homeowners. So finding the perfect home welcoming gift is important when finding a gift that says “welcome home.” Give the homeowner in your life a gift worth remembering.

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