Are you searching for the perfect gifts for intellectuals? Are you at your whits end about what to give them? Then, getting your smart loved the perfect smart gift is nothing but a few clicks away. While some intellects may like computers or new programs, others love nice smart gifts that will get them through their day to day lives. Whether it be a new way to enjoy their coffee in the morning or new form of entertainment, your favorite intellect will love you more if you get the perfect intellectual gift for them and for their many occasions.

10 Best Gifts for Intellectuals

1. All Decor Gaming Keycaps

All Decor Gaming Keycaps

The first product on our list of 10 best gifts for intellectuals is this gaming keycaps. If your intellectual loved one is a fan of superheroes, than this unique gift would be perfect for them. This Marvel accessory is the hammer of Thor and it will bring a little joy to your loved one’s heart to have a piece of a superhero’s accessory as part of their computer keyboard. This hand-engraved aluminum alloy, also has transparent lettering for they keyboard and backlighting.

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If embracing the idea of having a Marvel hammer isn’t enough, then having the special design for R4 of the keyboard will draw you in. There is also a free case enclosed. If you are worried about when the gift for your loved one will come, don’t worry, it will take seven days to ship from the time you order it. So if you want that perfect gift for your intellectual friend, then thes gaming keycaps would be perfect.

2. DoDoro 3.5 Inch Head-up Display LED-Speedometer

DoDoro 3.5 Inch Head-up Display LED-Speedometer

For those intellectuals who like being on the go or who need to know where they are and how fast they are going at all times, this Heads-Up GPS is perfect for them. When using this GPS, data is collected through the car’s A2 ECU. Once the HUD’s GPS is collected, the mileage is calculated. With the 3.5 inch multi-colored LED, the GPS will produce large font.

The DoDoro also has an auto/manual brightness adjustment. What makes this gift even more unique is that it uses nanotechnology to eliminate any light that reflects off of it, which makes it easier to read during the daytime. If you are worried about the complexities of reading this GPS, then put your worries away. This design displays important measurements, such as driving speed, speed-limit warning and directions. You will also not have to worry about it interfering with vision while driving or it running the battery down, because it powers on and off with the car.

However, if your intellectual friend wants to make the Heads-GPS is off, then the manual on and off button is just right for them. What makes it a perfect GPS is that any car can use it and it is powered by the DC8 -24V lighter. Once you have purchased this perfect gift for your favorite intellectual person, the one thing to do would be to make sure that they know that there is a one year warranty on it. With this information your intellectual will fall in love with the gift.

3. Deego HD Stereo Premium Sports Bluetooth

Deego HD Stereo Premium Sports Bluetooth Hat

Is your intellectual friend busy year round? Well, then they may need something that will keep them warm during those winter days when they are busy. This unique beanie hat will keep them warm as well as let them listen to their favorite songs and make calls. This beanie is so unique, that the high-performance speakers converts into a mic. Your favorite intellectual will be able to hook up directly by V3.0 + EDR bluetooth technology.

This special beanie also hooks up to all Smartphone enabled Bluetooth in seconds. Your Smart beanie can pause a song so that a call can be rejected or answered. If the call is answered, then your intellectual friend can talk on the built in microphone. The built in removable headphones is another remarkable feature in this hat, because it makes it possible to wash it easily. If the hat isn’t unique enough, then the gloves will intrigue any user. Your favorite intellectual will love to answer calls and stay warm.

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These unique gloves also has a special material made with conductive materials, making it easy to use your touchscreen. Your intellectual friend will love this beanie set so much, because of the enhanced bass and the 60 hours of standby mode. They will also be able to enjoy six hours of listening to music as well as a comfortable fit with this all sizes beanie. It is one of the perfect gifts for intellectuals.

4. Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

One of the interesting gifts for the intellectuals is a 3D printer. If you are want something a little more high tech for your intellectual friend, then may be a 3D printer is the perfect gift for them. With the Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer, they will be able to print anything they want. Your intellectual friend would enjoy this printer because of the the features that makes it stand out. This printer has a heated build plate with a wide range of extruder temperatures, which allows for anytime of filament to be performed.

The Monoprice Select Printer provides quality assurance with it supporting Mac OS X and windows 7. This printer is made in a compact desktop design, which means that it is a made for any desk. Once your friend receives this printer, it will already be ready to print unlike other 3D printers. There is even a sample filament that comes with it for the ready use print job. This well put together printer will not leave you disappointed.

5. Inventist Orbitwheel Skates

Inventist Orbitwheel Skates

Do you want to get something truly unique for your intellectual friend? Maybe something that will keep them active, but have will make them stand out from others? Then getting them this pair of unique orbit skates will be what makes your active intellectual friend stand out. These skates are a different unique view to sporting equipment, with a brand new concept to wheeled sports. Your active friend will be able to use these skates and love traveling in them in their passtime.

6. Ice Orb Levitating/ Wireless Portable BlueTooth Speaker

Ice Orb Levitating

The next product on our list of best gifts for intellectuals is a speaker. This entertaining speaker is a great gift for anyone who is in love with high tech gadgets and who want something cool to show their friends. This floating speaker orb spinning above the magnetic base, will keep your friend intrigued with how it floats. The Ice Orb even has a special sound guide that is designed to increase the 3D surround effect. This floating speaker makes it easy for a smartphone or tablet with a NFC function to connect automatically. This electronic device may be a high tech, but your favorite intellectual friend will love it.

7. Fred Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser

Fred slwo brew Sloth Tea Infuser

After a busy day at work, get your friend the perfect wind down gift to go with their cup of tea. This slow brew maker is heat resistant and made from silicone. Fred the Slow Brew maker will put a loving smile on your face as he hangs patiently alongside your mug. This uniquely made tea slow brew maker is different and in a healthy way without the BPA and phthalates. The sweet face of fred is so relaxing that your friend will forget about the stress in their day. It is a bit quirky but also one of the sweetest gifts for intellectuals.

8. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen With 50 Plastic Strands

3Doodler Create 3D Pen

Are you looking for a gift that will help your creative intellectual friend become more creative? Then, getting them this best selling 3D pen would be a perfect gift for their creative time. This pen is slim and yet very strong for enhanced and endless creations. Your intellectual friend will love this gift because of your ability to draw vertically and horizontally. With it being easy to change colors, the heated plastics hardens quickly.

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Whether the user is a professional or a hobbyist, this 3D pen is made for both men and women. The 3Doodler also offers a wide range of plastics and is non-toxic with no mess. You will be able to choose from hundreds of free stencils online for your intellectual friend and will also be able to draw in 3D for hours. The 3D fun can start with the purchase of this pen. Arguably, one of the coolest gifts for intellectuals.

9. Kingmas 60X Clip-On Microscope Magnifier Universal Lens

KINGMAS 60X Clip-On Microscope Magnifier Universal Lens

Does your friend like to see the world in a smaller version of itself? Then, maybe getting them a microscope for the use of their phone would be perfect for the world around them. This small and unique microscope comes with a magnifying lens for universal phones. It is also quick and easy to attach to the phone’s camera and a detachable clip. The bright LED light of the magnifying glass is given enough light at any dim condition. This portable microscope uses 3LR1130 cell batteries. This gift may be more scientific in nature, but it is one of the perfect gifts for intellectuals.

10. Perplexus Epic

Perplexus Epic

The last product to feature on our list of 10 best gifts for intellectuals is this Epic Perplexus . Does your special friend like complex fun games that tests their mental capacity? If so, then Perplexus will help with testing their mental abilities. This fun game is a challenging 3D Labyrinth contained within a sphere. The mind will be tested with this 22 feet worth of track containing 125 barriers.

An easy game to play, your intellectual friend will find this game hard to master. This game will improve hand and eye coordination as well as motor and dexterity skills. If your friend is always on the road and wants something to do when traveling, then Perplexus is a a great game for them.

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You may think that there are limitations when picking out the perfect gift for your intellectual loved one, but with these gifts, they will find real joy and fun with these gifts. Keeping an eye on trending gifts is another way to make sure that your gift is not boring. Whatever gift you choose, your gift will be loved on an intellectual level.

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