Children at the age of four are growing up in a fast-paced world that is filled with technology. The best thing that every parent wants is for their children to be well prepared with every skill at their disposal both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Different types of toys manufacture companies have made it possible for kids not just to play with their toys but also to learn. As it is known, children at the age of 4 learn about things easily seeing and playing. Playing with toys in preschool age is a daily routine. Toys are found are always with them whether at the doctor’s office, daycare or home.

The purpose of the toys is to provide engaging activities to make their playtime both fun and educational. In the development of these children, it is highly recommended that they have knowledge and exposure in the Alphabet, patterns, and music. Various toys come with this features in place and this makes the children have a wonderful time. Examples of the best educational toys for 4 year old are –

10 Best Educational Toys for 4 Year Old

1. Click N’ Play Gigantic Keyboard Playmat

Click N’ Play Gigantic Keyboard Playmat

The first on our list of best education toys for 4 year old It is a keyboard. It is a jumbo size keyboard with 24 keys including four modes where you can play, demo, record and, playback. It also has eight musical instrument sounds like the guitar, clarinet, piano, saxophone, trumpet, violin, Xylophone, and banjo. Click N’ play toy is a gift that will offer fun moments and amusement through the music as well.

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The kid will be able to play music using the piano keys, record what they have compiled and listened to their won song after they have finished. It is an exciting gift to give to a four-year-old as they will be educated and learn about the different sounds and tones.

2. Design and Drill Robot

Design and Drill Robot

It is one of the best educational toys to buy for your child. Design and Drill Robot provides an opportunity to engage in creative thinking. It contains easy-to-use tools like the screwdrivers and bolts for the preschool kids to drill and make their robots.

This toy promotes coordination, patterning, and marching as they build their robot. It is one of the best educational toys for 4 year old.

3. Geo Safari Jr. Microscope

Geo Safari Jr. Microscope

Using the sight is on things that the preschoolers love. They can see the magnified hidden world with the lens. This is a way of encouraging scientific investigation and discovery. They can examine rocks or leaves in the 3-D state.

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Kids love to look, and gather things and this microscope is a perfect tool to do all that. Their eager to find things gives them a chance to learn about most things under the sun and be able to award their curiosity.

4. Mellissa and Doug Scissor skills Activity Book

Mellissa and Doug Scissor skills Activity Book

Paper cutting among preschoolers is a perfect activity for them to engage. Using the scissors correctly is a skill that you should encourage them by the time they begin Kindergarten. Mellissa and Doug Activity Book is an excellent book that will instill courage and promote concentration as well.

With its 20 pages which are pre-printed with various activities which the kid can cut, they are provided with a better way to learn to stay focused together with other cognitive skills.

5. Magnetic Calendar and Responsibility Chart Set

Magnetic Calendar and Responsibility Chart Set

Training your children how to be responsible at an early age is very important. It enhances their self-esteem and helps them to prepare for the school ahead. Engaging in tasks around the house will aid them to take care of their belongings when they go to school.

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Magnetic Calendar and Responsibility Chart Set contains dry erase boards to show a calendar and a responsibility chart. They can record events, essential holidays and other things using the wooden magnets. This helps your kid to create schedules and know when to do what during the day or the month.

6. Stack and Count Parking Garage

Stack and Count Parking Garage

It is an exciting toy to buy your 4-year-old kid. Every parent wants their child to know how to count the numbers and get them all right. With this incredible toy at their disposal children can count and identify the numbers from 1-10. This wooden frame is numbered, and it comes with ten amazing wooden toy cars that have the same color as the digit it represents.

The child can slide and stack the car to correspond to the number that has the same color. Apart from identifying the numbers, the child is also able to differentiate the various colors available.

7. Self-Correcting Wooden Number Puzzles

Self-Correcting Wooden Number Puzzles

The next product on our list of best educational toys for 4 year old is this puzzle. It is an excellent educational toy that you can give to a preschooler to help them have the skills for matching and counting. It has 40 matching pieces that have 1-20 together with colorful pictures that makes it easier for them to count. This number puzzle set aids in understanding and identifying using a unique interlocking way where only the matching piece can fit in the corresponding wooden box.

8. Touch and Learn Mathematics Bot

Touch and Learn Mathematics Bot

Children at the age of 4 years learn best when touching and seeing. The Mathematical Bot was manufactured to help these children to discover the world of numbers. With this cool friend, they can learn how to count and math concepts quickly.

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Apart from learning, using Mathematics Bot is fun as they can touch the numbers and it also has a friendly voice that helps them recognize and find the numbers. The toy also has a Mathematical Calculator that makes it fun for your child to solve the quizzes. It is one of the most fun filled and educational toys for 4 year old.

9. Primary Science Lab Activity Set

Primary Science Lab Activity Set

It is another educational toy that presents a perfect opportunity for your child to use his or her hands. Children are well known to be curious, and this pushes them to explore the world around them. Primary Science Lab Activity Set enables them to understand science.

The set comes with tweezers, eyedropper, flask, a magnifying glass among many others. With this toy, your child can have a broader view of science.

10. Pretend and Play Cash Register

Pretend and Play Cash Register

This calculator come cash register enables your child to have the basics of math and money skill that encourage role-playing. This toy excites and helps the kid to learn numbers without difficulty. Hope you enjoyed our list of 10 educational toys for 4 year old.

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