Ever since the motorbike was introduced into the market, there are numerous evolutions of the helmet that have taken place. Current helmets are comfortable and safe as compared to the first helmet that was sold to the public. Shopping for cool motorcycle helmets can at times be challenging especially if you have no insight on the different helmets available in the market.

However, there are many classy and cool helmets that one can choose from depending on your budget and preferences. From the list below, you can choose one of the coolest helmets that you can give a bike enthusiast and make them enjoy their motorbike rides.

1. Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter is a headgear that every bike enthusiast will love to own. For a person who is interested in raising their villain game, this is the best helmet to go with since it is hand-painted making it have a good outer finish. The outer shell of this helmet is manufactured using ABS which is injection molded.

For a bike enthusiast who wants to look cool while at the same time enhance their safety, acquiring a Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet is highly recommended.

2. Fuel Helmets SH-OR3016 Graphic off-Road Helmet

Fuel Helmets SH-OR3016 Graphic off-Road Helmet

At one particular time, you will end up using your motorcycle for accessing off-road locations either alone or with your friends. In off-road rides you need a helmet that can make the journey enjoyable and hence the purchase of Fuel Helmets SH-OR3016.

This helmet has a sculpted shell shape that makes you look awesome when you put it on. In addition, the unique graphics that this helmet has makes it even more attractive and any motorbike enthusiast will love the feeling of possessing it. It also comes with an extra-large eye port and a dual rubber grip that is useful when it comes to googles.

3. SENA Adult Full-Face Helmet

SENA Adult Full-Face Helmet-min

This is one of the most advanced helmets that you can get if you are a bike enthusiast. Manufactured by a company known as Sena, this helmet contains a composite-fiberglass shell that will keep you protected every time you enjoy your ride.

What makes this helmet even better is the noise cancellation feature which allows you to suppress wind as you ride. It also has an ambient mode that makes it possible for you to hear what people around are saying without necessarily having to remove the helmet.

If you want to enjoy your ride while at the same time listen to your favorite FM radio station, this is the best helmet you can use.

4. Shoei RF-SR Helmet

Shoei RF-SR Helmet-min

Having a helmet that is best used during spring is one of the achievements that a bike enthusiast will dream of accomplishing. This helmet is made using aerodynamic shell design making it possible for the helmet to protect you from wind as you enjoy your ride.

Shoei RF-SR Helmet contains additional tools such as removal cheek pads, Pinlock insert snell approval and shield tensioner. All this tools make it a helmet worth purchasing when you are really into bike helmets.

5. Helmet Hitch

Helmet Hitch

Most bike enthusiasts are happy at the prospect of owning a unique helmet that makes them standout from other people. Helmet Fitch makes this possible as it is beautifully designed and comes with a mounting hardware and a set of instructions that one can use.

You can either decide to cover the full face or just ¾ of the face while riding your motorbike. This helmet also comes with a black cord storage that will help a bike lover in safeguarding it.

6. Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet

Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet

This is one of the lightest helmet that a bike lover will ever get and thus useful for people that travel long distances. Adventures can also enjoy this helmet as it has a Sena communicator that makes it easy for the owner to communicate with other adventurers.

Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet is worth having as it is comfortable on the head since it is made using superior acoustics. It comes together with a visor system, quick release shield and a Pinlock. If you know any bike enthusiast, consider giving them this helmet and see how happy they become.

7. Schuberth R2 Matte Helmet

Schuberth R2 Matte Helmet-min

Schuberth R2 Helmet is a unisex helmet that covers the full face. Specifically designed using modern technology, this helmet is a good run for your money as it offers comfort while at the same time taking care of your safety while on the road.

Apart from the quality design, this helmet comes packed with a microphone, speakers and an integrated antenna. For you to use all these features, purchasing an SRC system is highly advised so that you can use it without any fears or encountering any problems.



This helmet is closely linked to the Pista GP-R Helmet and Corsa-R Helmet as they all have the same design. When in possession of this helmet, you can enjoy the Corsa-R reversible liner feature which contains a wicking side that is worn during hot days and a side that is specifically designed for a colder climate.

Get your bike enthusiast friend this helmet as a gift and see him spend more time on the road with his bike and helmet.

9. HJC RPHA 11 Helmet

HJC RPHA 11 Helmet

This helmet can be termed as one of the best helmets that a bike enthusiast can possess. It contains graphics that are beautifully designed on the helmet thus making you look unique and different from other bikers. It also has a redesigned shape, emergency removable cheek pads and double vents. When searching for a cool helmet, then you should look no further than HJC RPHA Helmet.

10. Nenki NK-310 Dual Sport Enduro Motorcross and Motorcycle Helmet

Nenki NK-310 Dual Sport Enduro Motorcross and Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet meets all the requirements and specifications set by DOT thus making it a reliable helmet for a bike enthusiast. Being light, this helmet is very comfortable when worn and thus can be used by a biker for longer hours. Made using high quality red visor, this helmet is worth having.

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