Camping is the best way to relieve from the stress of long hours in the office desk and among the hustle bustle of the city life. All raw in the lap of nature one gets to enjoy the serenity and simple living. But going for a camping doesn’t always mean that one has to leave all the essentials behind and lead some days like a caveman. There are various things that one needs to have to combat the uncertainties and non-luxurious time in the wild. Here are some cool and useful camping products that can be a boon when in camping.

1. Glow in the dark rope

Glow in the dark rope

The very first thing that one needs to have during a camping escapade is a tent. There are varieties of modern style tents available these days but that’s only for staying inside them. What about the safety features when outside those tents? Well, this glow in the dark ropes can be a useful essentially that will not only tie the tents but will also give proper light in the pitch black atmosphere by doing two tasks at a time.

2. Mosquito Repellant device

Mosquito Repellant device

The worst things that can disrupt your camping outings are mosquitoes. Mostly, campers tend to carry lotions, creams or even sprays that are either sticky or toxic and they usually aren’t of much use. But this mosquito repellent device is cell based and its work from a distance of 15 feet when switched on. One great feature of these devices is that these are portable in nature and takes very little amount of space in the bag.

3. Personal water filter

Personal water filter - Useful Camping Products

Although, when you are out for camping, you are well equipped with all the necessary things that can save your soul when in the wild. But when you are somewhere that doesn’t work as per your needs then anything can go wrong there. Say, for example, the dearth of drinking water. This is when this particular personal water filter will come to a great help. The water filter is designed with an eight stage charcoal system that filters the available fresh water and brings it to drinkable stage.

4. Survival Rocket Stove

Survival Rocket Stove

Food is essential in any trips be it a luxurious one or a camping. But in camping you have to arrange for your own food and cook them. This portable rocket stove is made in such a way that the feed tube holds any kind of bio mass such as twigs or wood and gives an assembled fire so that one can cook their food at ease. This is portable and can be carried easily with all the other camping gears and provides for an ultimate solution to your food necessities during the camping.

5. All natural granulated fire starter

All natural granulated fire starter

Although, there are matches and lighters widely available to start a fire in a camping expedition but these can be your emergency lifelines to start a fire. But just lighter or matches won’t suffice the need of insulating fire in harsh conditions like wind, water or snow. This natural fire starter can stand a wind capacity of 30 mph and can be a boon in unexpected weather conditions. These are natural and are not induced with any chemical outcomes and above all these are portable.

6. Portable bonfire fire pits

Portable bonfire fire pits

Camping isn’t complete without a bonfire during the nights. Singing around the fire and having a good laugh with your co-campers makes the camping an unforgettable experience. But making a bonfire is a painstaking process so the best to get away with this process is by getting a portable bonfire fire pit. These fire pits come with sleek designs, are heat resistant and are foldable and portable at the same time. Usually such fire pits come with a mesh cover that tends to contain the fire and lessens the chances of spreading.

7. Solar inflatable lantern

Solar inflatable lantern

Lights are the most important thing when in camping. You can get high-end and variety of light options easily available in the market. But getting something that is nature powered is the true spirit of camping. These solar powered lanterns are powered by direct sunlight and can provide lights up to 6 hours. These are devoid of any batteries and are portable with all the other camping accessories. Another added feature of these lanterns is they come in a color changing mode so that you can change the light based on your mood.

8. Portable outdoor shower system

Portable outdoor shower system

Using water for all the purposes during the camping is an important necessity. But getting a good shower even during your camping outings can be the best possible kind of indulgence. The portable outdoor shower system can be carried from one place to another and provides water for any kind of necessities during any outdoor activities. The system is battery-driven so there is no need of electricity to run the same. Just a switch off and on key will provide you with water at your needs.

9. A durable double hammock

A durable double hammock

Camping is never complete without a good and durable hammock to lie among the silence and serenity of the nature. Usually people opt to go for a single hammock but a double hammock helps in getting two people at once without the other waiting for their chance to relax. These hammocks come with safe straps that help in tying them anywhere for an utmost comfort and are very lightweight to carry.

10. Personal locator Beacon

Personal locator Beacon

One of the most important things that one should get for camping is the personal locator beacon when faced with imminent danger as using this for trivial purposes could lead to disruption of potential search and rescue operations. You need to use them when faced with life and death situation or else you could be charged with penalties if misused with deliberate intentions. Worse situation demands this kind of technology for a safe camping tour for you and others.

So, next time when you think of camping get these necessary cool and useful accessories for an uninterrupted and safe camping experience. Happy camping!

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