Children learn many things at a tender age. They therefore need toys to keep them busy as they learn to play with them. However, different toys are manufactured for children to play with at different stages of life. At the age of one, there are toys available to help children learn how to play. They also help them learn how to grasp things hence making their fingers and hands more flexible. Below are some of the best toys for 1 year old kids.

6 Best Toys for 1 Year Old Kids

1. Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy, Blue

Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

The toy is a penguin that really swims through water. It makes it very entertaining for the kids. The wind-up arms and release makes the penguin swim. It is made of lightweight and it is easy for the little baby’s hands to be able to operate it. This makes it more comfortable for kids to play with it. It encourages imaginative play and play patterns.

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When kid is playing, the toy produces some audio and visual stimulation. It also helps the baby to enhance hand and eye coordination. This is a very useful skill and it is better when attained at a tender age. The child is usually happy and entertained while playing with this toy. This is one of best toys for 1 year old kids.

2. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

This package of this toy usually includes one octopus and three rings that a kid can toss around the tentacles. It is very beneficial as it helps the kid to develop hand-eye coordination, which is necessary for them in their future life. It has several fun shapes and colors that stimulate the senses of the baby.

This makes the baby to learn many things and keep their senses active. The toy can also float in water, hence making bath time more fun. The toy gives a lot of joy to babies by keeping the entertained. It also keeps babies busy as they take the rings on and off. It is one of the best toys for 1 year old kids since it entertains them and makes their love bathing and going to the pool.

3. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move Beat BowWow

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move Beat BowWow

This is a large toy that has LED multi-color grid tummy. The kid only needs to press buttons found on her paws and the lights starts lighting colorfully, music starts playing and some actions takes place, entertaining the kid.

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It has more than 25 learning songs, phrases and tunes which can assist the kid to learn. It also has a soft tail that has a LED light wags back and forth. With this toy, it is easy for kids to locate and push the buttons, hence keeping them entertained. It is one of the best toys for 1 year old kids.

4. Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

There are two ways in which kids can use this toy to play. One way is whereby a kid sits and plays. It has several hands-on activities which a kid can explore on. The activities include a book page which a kid can keep on turning, light-up buttons that kids press to see different lights in different colors, and some phrases and songs that they can sing along. The second way is whereby the kids uses the toy stand up and walk.

It encourages the kids to take their first steps and keep moving as they enjoy sounds, music and phrases which give them a lot of fun. The children get to learn ABC’s and 123 by playing with this toy. The kid also gets to exercise fine motor skills such as standing and walking. This toy is one of the best for 1 year old kids as it helps them learn the necessary skills.

5. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit, Stride & Ride Lion

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit

There are three ways in which a kid can play with this toy. One way is whereby a child sits on the toy as they play. There are some activities that keep kids busy while on this toy. Ten different light-up buttons which activates phrases and fun songs keep the kid busy. It also helps them to learn how to talk as they try to sing along.

Other things that are equipped in this toy are a spinner clock, a mouth to fill, a nose to press and a butterfly to flip over. All these are meant to keep the kid entertained. The second that kids plays with this toy is to push and walk. The seat is made in a way that it pops up and becomes a handle to help the child make steady steps. The third way in which children can this toy is to scoot and ride.

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When the seat is dropped down, the kid can ride on the lion toy. This keeps the kid busy and entertained. There are some balls that the lion is fed on resulting to it producing some silly sounds. This toy is one of the best that one can buy for their kids since it helps them to develop some motor skills and a busy work out. It also helps them learn to talk and walk apart from keeping them busy and entertained.

6. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around the Town Learning Table

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around the Town Learning Table

This toy is a small table with four fun places that a baby can visit. The places are the market, puppy’s home, the farm and the zoo. The places look exciting and entertaining to the kids. There is also a phone button that produces fun phrases when pressed. It adds some fun to the role-play. It also has 9 lights colored differently to entertain the kid, and more than 120 tunes, songs and phrases that kids enjoys to listen to. It has smart stages technology which has three levels of play which grow with baby.

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The legs of this table are removable and therefore they can be fixed when the baby starts standing. This helps them to learn how to stand and take some few steps when pushing it along. When one opens the “front door”, the toy starts singing the alphabets, helping the kid to start learning early enough. It also makes them learn to speak as they try to pronounce the alphabets after the toy. Hope you had fun going through our list of Best Toys for 1 Year Old kids.

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