Rackets are wooden blades which have table tennis rubbers glued to it. Racket, Paddle, or bat we talking about the same product.  The rackets are made of wood and laminated with rubber on one or both sides according to a player’s grip preference. This racket does not have any strings like regular rackets. In the USA it is called Paddle, but in Asia and Europe, it is called bat.

There are different types of rubber coatings on the paddle – Pimpled, Sponge layers, Pimples on the inner and outer layer. Some paddles have foam layers under rubber, those are called sandwich rubbers. Few paddles are covered with some layer to make it spin resistance, but it is illegal to use these kinds of rackets in any competitions because they are not approved by the ITTF.

1. STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

STIGA paddles are approved by ITTF International Table Tennis Federation for tournament level performances. These are performance level table tennis rackets, it has premium rubber and 2 mm ply. The STIGA Evolution has these qualities Shock Dispersion Tube (SDT) which helps to absorb vibrations and transfers the energy into improved speed, control and feel.

The rubber has NANOCOMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY which keeps the rubber stronger and creates tighter bonds which increase speed and spin of the paddle. There are numerous air capsules that combine the rubber, making it super light and allow high speed with outstanding control. The paddle also has features like – WRB Weight Balance, Rate of Recovery, and Ball Sensitivity. The balance of the blade is shifted when it hits the ball, the paddle doesn’t feel heavy at all. The rackets handle has well-positioned recess in the handle that gives extra sensitivity to the touch. The Crystal technology hardens the surface of the blade that increases the speed.

  • ITTF approved – this paddle is approved by the ITTF and rated as tournament level paddle.
  • Professional – the paddle has professional level finishing done which makes it one of the best among the other products.
  • Grip & Style – the handle is concave and no matter what style or grip you have it will be compatible with any style or grip.
  • Warranty – the warranty is not disclosed for this product. The rubber deteriorates fast when regularly used or kept in direct sunlight or cold temperature.
  • High Maintenance – the rubber and the paddle are high maintenance. It needs regular cleaning and changes.

2. Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle

This paddle is ITTF approved Nitrx 2.0 mm rubber which allows more power to the paddle. JET800 SPEED N1 is an all-rounder paddle; it generates power in the paddle that dominates your competitor. The paddle has 2 carbon layers sandwiched and 5 Ply of premium wood these 7 combinations make a perfect paddle for offensive ping pong players. The SEED N1 paddles come in a gift worthy packing that gives a high-class look to the paddle.

The burnt wood handle has wooden taping which helps to protect the paddle from damages and the preserves the energy you generate to produce more powerful shots. The JET800 SPEED N1 has Nitrx-4Z rubber this is approved by the ITTF. The nitrx rubber is high tension for increased spin and power, the top sheet gives exceptional grip on the ball strike which gives you heavy advantages of heavy spins of servers. Allows you to counter opponent’s spiny shots, the 7 layers combination makes the paddle powerhouse of energy.

  • ITTF approved – the rubber used is ITTF approved.
  • Memory collection – the paddle comes with a memory book which helps you to collect scores or opponents signature.
  • Warranty – the product has a limited 30 days warranty. The rubber deteriorates very fast when used regularly or when kept in direct sunlight or in cold temperature.
  • Style – the paddle is only for aggressive style players.
  • High maintenance – the rubber of paddle needs high maintenance, regular changes, and proper cleaning after each use.

3. STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

These rackets are performance level and the rubber is ITTF approved for tournament games. Coming from STIGA brand the product has all the top features like Shock Dispersion Tube, Weight balance, Rate of Recovery, Ball sensitivity, Crystal technology, Carbon technology, NANO Composite Technology, ACS Technology which makes it easy to handle in games.

The paddle helps you to dominate your opponent by reversing their spins and shots. The product also has BALSA technology which provides stiffness, friction, and thermal contraction and makes it coefficient to tackle regular stroke.

  • ITTF approved – the paddle’s rubber is approved by International Table Tennis Federation for tournament level games.
  • Professional – the finishing of the racket is professional level.
  • Style and grip – the paddle is for Shake hand grip only.
  • High maintenance – the rubber need high maintenance and the rubber need regular changes and cleaning.
  • Warranty – the warranty of the product is not disclosed, the rubber deteriorates very fast when used regularly or when kept in direct sunlight or in cold temperature.

4. DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle

DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle

The DHS HURRICANE racket is for the shake hand grip players. The paddle has red and black rubbers with a pimple inverted; the paddle is fitted for tournaments and championships. The racket comes with a cover and two balls in a gift box. The product doesn’t have any warranty with it, but the seller has some exchange policies if your product is wrong or you want to return the product the product should be brand new and the covers of the racket shouldn’t be torn out. The wrist guard protects your wrist from getting strained.

  • Grip – the product is suitable for the players with shake hand grip.
  • Inverted pimples – the paddle has inverted pimples which increase the control on the ball.
  • Package – the product comes in a package with a cover and two paddles.
  • Warranty – the warranty of the product is not disclosed. The product has rubber which deteriorates when comes in contact with air and direct sunlight or cold temperature.
  • High maintenance – the rubber needs maintenance and care, regular change of rubbers and cleaning of the paddles.

5. Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle

The competition level paddles for intermediate and advanced players the paddle is very advanced. The rubber used in the paddle is Nitrx 2 mm high tension rubber which is approved by International Table Tennis Federation. The blade of the paddle is 5 Plywood and 6.0 mm lightweight thickness balanced for controlled and aggressive games.

The product comes in a well-packed gift box and the JET 600 paddle has premium rubbers combines a soft feel on the paddle which gives enough spring for hard hitters. The JET 600 paddle was created for the players who play aggressively yet finesse-oriented players for ease in the game. The product comes with a 30 days warranty.

  • ITTF approved – the JET 600 table tennis paddle is approved by the ITTF for tournament and games.
  • Style – the paddle is for those players who have an aggressive style in the game.
  • Lightweight – the paddle is lightweight which doesn’t give any harm to your wrist while playing.
  • Warranty – the product has a limited 30-day warranty, which will not cover the deterioration of rubber which usually happens after 30 days or more.
  • Rubber and its maintenance – rubber needs high maintenance and regular cleaning when the rubber wears out it has to be changed.

6. Palio Master 2 Table Tennis Racket

Palio Master 2 Table Tennis Racket

The Palio master 2 is an exclusive collaboration between Palio and Expert table tennis. It provides the player high-level spin without losing control, it is recommended for intermediate or the players who have mastered their basic skills in table tennis. The Palio CJ 8000 rubbers are ITTF approved and are well-known for their ability, they generate great spin while maintaining good control and level because of their softer sponge.

The rubber helps you in Topspin, Backspin, and Sidespin very easily. The wood of Palio x ETT Master 2 blades is completely redesigned to improve the quality and feeling. The flared handles give better control and power to the player.

  • Cover – the product comes with a cover case which keeps the paddle safe from dirt and harmful weather.
  • ITTF approved – the rubbers used in the paddle are ITTF approved.
  • All-rounder paddle – the paddle can be used for offensive as well as defensive players.
  • Maintenance – the rubber needs maintenance and regular cleaning. When the rubber deteriorates it is changed frequently.
  • Warranty – the warranty of the paddle is not disclosed.

7. STIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Supreme Table Tennis RacketSTIGA Supreme Table Tennis Racket

This is a performance level table tennis racket. The paddle has STIGA Tube, Weight balance, Rate of recovery, Ball Sensitivity and Crystal technology, ACS Air Capsules that make the rubber ultra light and allows high speed with maximum elasticity with outstanding control. STIGA Supreme has ITTF approved rubbers for Tournament level performances.

  • ITTF approved – The rubber of the paddle is ITTF approved the paddles are tournament quality.
  • High maintenance – the rubbers are very high maintenance, they need to be cleaned frequently and changed when worn out.

8. MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddle

MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddle

The paddle has good spin and control 7 Plywood with is little heavy. The paddle good performance rubber and 2 mm sponge, the handles are flared and the product package 2 paddles and a case. The paddles can be used by all level players.

  • Package – the product comes with 2 paddles and a tennis carry bag.
  • Players – the paddle is for all level players. Players can easily use this paddle for training.
  • Heavy – the paddle is slightly heavy which will be a little uncomfortable for some players.
  • Handle – the handles of the product are short, some players prefer long handles for easy grip and control over the paddle.

9. Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL

This paddle has carbon fiber-reinforced wood; the carbon fiber offers increased speed and larger sweet spot. The Butterfly tenergy rackets are the top choice of many players. The 80 FX offers great balance and heavy spin. The racket is ideal for the power play with great spin.

  • Carbon Fiber – the carbon fiber in the paddle increases the speed and gives larger sweet spot from the other different wooden paddles.
  • Custom Racket – the rackets are can be customized, the rubbers can be changed when needed.
  • Two colors – the racket has two colors red and black, red for the forehand and black for the backhand.
  • Warranty – the warranty of the product is not disclosed.
  • Care – the rubber needs regular cleaning and change.

10. Atemi Pro Line 2000 Ping Pong Racket

Atemi Pro Line 2000 Ping Pong Racket

The Atemi technology dramatically boosts the power of your shots, the bat has APS Additional Power System which doubles the flexibility of the blade. The specially designed handles act like springs boosting power and control. There are two types of handles available in this product Flared and Anatomic handles. The Atemi has impressive performance stats, the IPPON competition rubbers with 2 mm sponge the blades are 5 Ply 5.5mm, the paddles are well-rounded and perfectly balanced which make it a professional racket.

  • 30 days Money back guarantee – the product has 30 days product replacement or money back guarantee.
  • Players – the paddles can be used by beginners and advanced players too.
  • Maintenance – the rubber needs high maintenance and regular cleaning.

Guide to the Best Ping Pong Paddles

Choosing a type of paddle

While making a purchase make sure to pay attention to the paddle grip, there are two types of paddles grips – Shake hand grip, which is the most common in the west. The pen hold grip, this grip puts your arm in more natural position from brush strokes. You can start with the basic wood or plastic paddle. The basic Paddles will teach you how to be more precise and then you can switch to an expensive paddle. Buy a readymade paddle as it also has same dimension and ping pong is a game of technique than equipment. So, it suggested to start practicing with an affordable paddle..

Finding the Reliable Paddle Surface

There are different versions of rubber surface available in the market for a paddle. The thin sheet of rubber is glued to the paddle’s surface which creates traction and gives greater control over the ball.  The rubber comes in different textures known as Pimples, Dimples, Waffling & choosing the correct thickness of the rubber sheet is important.

Customize or Ready-made

Ready-made racket is pre-assembled paddles for the players who have got started with the game. Customize paddles are assembled according to a players choice, these are the players who are playing for more than few years and want to upgrade their skills. The downside of ready-made paddles are they not durable. The rubber deteriorates when it comes in contact with air and light.

Try and buy

You can try different types of grips, blades, and designs and then select the best combination according to your game. Your style and grip is not possible to determine beforehand so try different paddles and then purchase the best one as per your need.


How to take care of the Ping Pong Paddle

Change the rubber regularly – the rubber deteriorates when comes in contact with air or direct sunlight, the rubber also wears out from regular use in games.So, regularly change the rubber of your paddle.

Storage – Keep the paddle in a dry place, excess moisture can crack or splinter your paddle.

Regular cleaning – the paddle faces regular hits and gradually the grip sheet goes out of stroke, the paddles should be cleaned after each game.

Covers – the paddles should be kept covered when not in use, the plastic covering came with the paddles should be regularly used while paddle is not being use.

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Dirt and oil – the regular use of paddles collect dirt and oil on the rubber and the handles, there are many cleaning sprays available in the market which helps you to remove dirt and oil from the paddle. Cleaning rejuvenates the rubber.

New ball – whenever you use a new ball make sure you wipe your paddle after the game because the new ball comes with some powder which leaves a mark on the paddle.

Cold weather – cold temperature hardens the rubber and hence makes it dead until it warms up again which takes time. Therefore, be patient while playing in cold weather.

Types of Ping Pong Paddles

There are two types of Ping Pong Paddles, both are made differently for distinguish purposes. The grips, rubbers and the structure of the paddles make them different from the other.

  1. Rackets for defensive games – Defensive rackets don’t allow you to place your own spin but reverse the spin by your opponent. There are two types of defensive rackets.
  2. Anti-spin rackets – these rackets have a smooth and glossy surface which is made of soft sponge. The racket doesn’t help you to make any spin and doesn’t even give you any offensive options. This racket would leave you open for attacks.
  3. Long Pip Rackets – the long pip rackets have longer and thinner pips than the standard pip-out rackets. The texture of the paddle changes each time you hit the ball which gives some unexpected shots to your opponent.

2. Rackets for attacking games – Attacking rackets are made for scoring and attacking shots. The two most common types of tennis rackets according to USA Table Tennis are the Inverted and Pips-out racket. The inverted rackets have smooth rubber sheets with small pimples or pips that face inwards, the paddle have a smooth and flat surface thus increases your control on the ball.

The Pips out racket are similar to inverted rackets; the only difference between them is the fact that pips out racket have the pip pointed outwards. The pip out racket isn’t ideal for spin but lets you hit the ball harder. Attacking rackets gives you a good grip on the ball, allowing for increased spin and accurate hitting. The bracket allows you make stronger scoring shots so you can dominate your opponent.

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