A mattress topper is a removable fabric that sits on your bedding or mattress; they enhance the comfort of your mattress and meet its precincts.  A topper can add support to your mattress or it can give super luxurious softness. You can buy a firm topper if you have a soft mattress. Similarly, if you want a soft mattress but want the firmness for your mattress too, you can buy a plushy topper.

Mattress pad and topper are two different things. A pad is thin and attached to the mattress it works like a protector; toppers are an add-on that compliments the mattress. Earlier mattress toppers were thin feather beds or “egg crate” foam but nowadays mattresses are made of memory foam. Memory foam fiddles your regular sleeping position and assists you to get a relaxing sleep.

Memory foam lessens tossing and turning in bed, it helps and supports your body. There are many toppers available in the market which works as support for your back. These toppers help to reduce back pain and different body pain comforts your body, helps to get a good sleep.

1. LUCID 3” Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

LUCID 3 inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress TopperYou can find this product in four other sizes too California king, king, full, and regular. It has open cell construction technology which gives a long lasting more durable foam. This technology does not let the foam set on body impressions after each uses the topper regains its original size and shape. The memory foam used in this mattress is ventilated for better breathability.

It has even sized and shaped patterns this increases airflow through the sleep surface. It has a plush feel with soft, doughy consistency this manages your weight pressure quickly. This mattress topper helps is recommended for the neck, back, shoulder pain; it reduces the pressure points for these parts. This topper aligns your spinal area by supporting the natural curves of your head, shoulder, lower and upper back.

The memory foam has a unique formula which makes it resistant to allergens and dust mites. The height of this topper is 3 inches, and it weighs 2.2 pounds. This product has a 3-year warranty which means that it is an investment; it is backed by manufacturer’s warranty to give a quality product to its customers.

  • CertiPUR-US certified: the memory foam in this topper is certified for the material used in this is clean and safe, it is environment-friendly. This topper is also certified for its performance and indoor air quality.
  • Ventilated: the memory foam topper has hundreds of small evenly sized holes which let the air cross while you are sleeping.
  • Mobile: the topper can be easily folded and carried in a packing to one place to another.
  • Heat infusion: This mattress doesn’t have any heat infusion technology, which may increase body temperature while you are asleep.
  • Average weight: the topper is for people with average body weight.

2. 100% Latex Mattress Topper- No Fillers-Reversible

eLuxury Supply 100% Latex Mattress TopperThis product is made in the United States, as the name says these are made of 100% latex. The mattress topper has two firmnesses, one side is plush; other is firm for more support. Natural latex used in the making of these toppers, contribute to making these uniquely elastic with amazing flexibility. It is durable and environment-friendly. The two sided of mattress topper allows you to choose between a plush side and firm side. This has motion control that doesn’t transfer your movement to your partner, so you will not disturb your partner in sleep. The cooling waves in topper exchanges air so that you don’t feel hot while sleeping. It has 30 days return policy if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it.

  • Dual usage: the topper has dual usage; it can be used in two ways. Soft for luxurious comfort and firm side for support.
  • Motion control: the motion control feature in this topper controls your tossing turning. So that your partner’s sleep is not disturbed.
  • No filers: this topper is made of 100% natural latex, so there is no need for added filler, adhesive. It is seamless and has cooling waves that exchange air while you are asleep.
  • Smell: when unpacked the topper has a strong stinky smell.

3. MILLIARD 2″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

MILLIARD 2 Gel Infused Memory Foam MattressTo provide you maximum comfort this topper has 2-inch thick foam. The memory foam in this topper is gel infused that cools down your body while asleep, it doesn’t collect your body heat in the topper. This topper increases your sleep quality; this topper is recommended by doctors. The topper softly contours your body curves, helps you to reduce pressure points, joint pain, muscles soreness, muscles pain, arthritis pain.

The 3-pound density makes it different from all the other toppers because this doesn’t flatten easily and doesn’t lose shape with time. Open cell technology of this topper works to give support to your body. The cells in this topper maintain the airflow; they lower your body temperature and don’t let your body collect heat from topper. It comes with a bamboo cover that helps to protect topper from dust and other substance. The cover is washable and not slip that keeps the topper intact with the mattress.  This product is certified by the CertiPUR-US, it has anti microbial properties that relief from allergens.

  • Comfortable: contouring your body this mattress makes sure that you are comfortable while sleeping.
  • Cost effective: experience the features of all new mattresses, while being cost effective and adding a topper to your mattress.
  • No allergens: The anti microbial quality doesn’t let any dust or allergens set on the topper.
  • Set up: it 96 hours to decompress this topper fully.
  • Smell: it has a strong smell when unpacked.

4. Memory Foam Solutions Queen Size 3 Inch Thick

Memory Foam Solutions Queen Size 3 Inch ThickThe Visco memory foam used in this topper comforts and cushion your body and contours your curves perfectly. It reliefs the pressure points, and gives you a better sleep quality. The 4-pound density of topper supports your body perfectly. This product is certified by PURGreen and is environment-friendly. It has a 3-year warranty and has factory direct quality.

  • Comfort & quality: this topper gives you unmatchable comfort while contouring your body curves and tries to give you quality sleep.
  • Smell: when this topper is unpacked it has a strong smell, which is not harmful but unpleasant. It goes out when comes in contact with air.

5. Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress TopperThis product is available in six other sizes too. The topper foam has two foams high-density foam 2.5 inch and memory foam 1.5 inches. This has responsive active suspension this reduces motion which doesn’t disturb your sleep partner. The product takes shape of your body and it distributes your body weight throughout the topper.

This product is certified by CertiPUR-US; it is clean and safe to and safe to use. The body conforming design of this topper supports your body and relaxes pressure points. This product has a 5-year warranty.

  • Safe and clean: this is certified by CertiPUR-US topper does not collect any dust or gather allergens.
  • Odor: this topper has an odor when unpacked, which goes out when comes in contact with air.

6. Red Nomad – Queen Size 3 Inch Thick

Red Nomad - Queen Size 3 Inch Thickgive yourself restful sleep with red Nomad topper, the 3-inch thick topper contours your body and follows each curve of your body. The product is certified by CertiPUR-US, this doesn’t let any allergens gather on the topper. The Cool Cycle Polymer design keeps you cool at night, topper doesn’t collect body heat.

You can enjoy sweat free, comfortable and refreshing sleep. This mattress topper relaxes pressure points, relaxes pain of neck and back. If you are a side sleeper or back sleeper this topper is for you. The product is 1” shorter from all sides to accommodate snug placement for your fitted sheets. The company gives you surety of replacement or refund.

  • Certified Quality: this product is certified, it is safe and hygienic to use.
  • Ventilation: the product has cool flow technology that offers better ventilation. It keeps you cool and doesn’t collect heat, gives you sweat-free, relaxing sleep.
  • Waterproof: be careful while drinking any liquid around this topper, this product is not waterproof.
  • Smell: the product has a strong smell when unpacked, but it is not harmful and goes out with air contact.

7. Ultimate Dreams Queen 3″ Talalay Latex Medium Mattress Topper

Ultimate Dreams QueenIf your mattress is new but you need an extra layer of softness or firmness for you aching muscles and joints. This topper is made for you; the topper is made of natural bamboo. It provides unbeatable support and comfort to the body. This product comes in three different firmness options soft, medium, firm. Latex instantly contours your body and gently supports it for a long time.

This topper promises 33% more comfort from other brands. This product is ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Talalay latex is 4% more breathable from memory foam, polyurethane, and Dunlop. This product doesn’t sag for flattening with time.

  • Allergy: the topper is for the people who catch allergies very fast. Made with bamboo this doesn’t catch many allergens.
  • Certified: this product is not certified by CertiPUR-US or PURGreen. This is made with bamboo but still needs to be tested.
  • Smell: when unpacked this has a strong smell, which fades when comes in contact with air.

8. Exceptional Sheets Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt

Exceptional Sheets Mattress Pad with Fitted SkirtThis mattress pad is extra plush perfect to revitalize your body and gives you comfortable feel for good sleep. The size of the pad is 54”x 76” this will fit a mattress 18” deep. The Marriott mattress pad is made with 160 thread count Polysoft cover.

It is both stain and moisture resistance. The pad is protected from dust miles, allergen, and bacteria’s. It is recommended to those who have kids, pets, allergies or asthma. The hypoallergenic fiber technology used in the pad, it is generously filled with cooling advanced cluster down fiber. This gives the feel of authentic duck goose down without any feathers, poking or allergies.

The box stitch doesn’t let the filling shift or move around. The company works on its goal of customer satisfaction and if you are not 100% satisfied with the product you can claim form money back.

  • Comfortable fit: the mattress pad has elastic snug that fit on mattress up to 18” thick.
  • Stain and moisture proof: stains and sweat are not a tension anymore because it product is stain and moisture proof.
  • Cool feel: the pad doesn’t make you hot while sleeping and its cooling fibers cool you down while sleeping.
  • Slip: the topper pad doesn’t has a nonslip bottom, and it slides to the other side while sleeping.

9. Ultimate Sleep 2 Inch 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper

Ultimate Sleep 2 Inch 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad TopperThis product is made with 100% green latex; latex is known for its durability, long life, and luxury feels. This is recommended to people with heavier body weights, it has the 4.75-pound density which springs back and recovers every time. The latex used in this topper is springy soft and they are anti microbial and hypoallergenic which keeps your topper clean and dry.

This topper gives the firm feel, ideal for those who want a firm surface to sleep. The topper has comfort zoned holes for superior orthopedic support. This product has 30 days trial policy.

  • Durable: the latex is used in this topper which makes it durable and long lasting.
  • Anti microbial: the latex is anti microbial and hypoallergenic.
  • Warranty: the product doesn’t have any warranty, it has 30 days trial period

10. Serta 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Serta 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress TopperThe topper’s density is 3.5 which give support and comfort to your body. The body weight is distributed on the topper so the pressure doesn’t come on a single part. This prevents tossing and turning and gives you deep sleep. This mattress topper adapts your body to give you relief from your pressure points.

The product is best for back pain and muscles pain. The topper will extend the life of your mattress; it has 1-year manufacturer warranty. The product is made in the USA with 4lbs density foam. This product gives best support and comfort; it has long lasting quality and durability.

  • Body support: with all memory foam makes this product one of the best, because of memory foam contour and learns your body curve and give you the best support.
  • Smell: the product has a strong smell when unpacked; you need to air it out before using it.

Mattress Topper for back pain buying guide

When buying a mattress topper especially for back pain remember these guide lines.

Topper material

There are wide ranges of materials that make mattress toppers; you should a perfect material for your back. Each material has its function as a topper but you cannot buy a soft topper for your back pain. Soft topper will not work out; it will increase your back pain even more. The two materials that work with back pain are Latex and Memory foam.

They outline your body posture and support it. Memory foam eliminates tossing you to get sound sleep. Latex topper has many pin holes they absorb your body weight and contours it, these known for comfort and support.


For the people who sleep on their back thickness is most important. The thickness of the topper denotes the firmness of the mattress and the level of support it will offer your back. Toppers under 2-inch thickness are not good; similarly, anything above 4 inches is uncomfortable. The toppers above 4 inch are for plus size individuals.

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The toppers support and align spinal column; it helps to fight back pain. The toppers with medium firmness provide superior balance and give support to lower back. This makes it comfortable best reliable product for back pain. A thickness between 2-4 inches is recommended as best range of toppers for lower back pain.


This is very important as the thickness of topper. Densities from 3lbs to 5lbs give medium density which is recommended for back pain. Medium level density toppers distribute your body weight and alleviate pressure points.


Topper should be according to your weight. If you are a plus size individual, you should choose toppers above 4 inches thickness and 5lbs or above density.


The topper should cover the mattress fully. If the mattress is not covered with topper, it will be unproductive. Small size will slip on the mattress, big won’t fit.

Heat retention

The memory foam and other toppers easily get warm; some low-quality products even heat your body temperature.  Gel infused memory foam keeps your body temperature cool it makes a cool sleeping environment for you.

What is the best mattress firmness for lower back pain?

The firmness of mattress and topper depends on your sleeping position or style; if you are back sleeper then your mattress or topper should be medium firm. Side sleeper should choose a slightly soft mattress that supports your hip and shoulder, people who sleep on their stomach because of their back pain they should choose firm mattress or topper.

The idle firmness of mattress for lower back pain is between 2 inches to 4 inches. Mattress/topper below 2 inches will be very plush, that will hurt your back even more; mattresses/toppers above 4 inches will be too hard for some people. Plus size individuals can choose the thickness of topper/mattress above 4 inches. How firmness of your mattress or topper affect your back pain? A firm topper/mattress supports your body; it makes sure that your body’s posture is correct. It supports the spinal cord and eliminates tossing and turning due to discomfort.

You must be thinking that if you have a mattress, then why you need a mattress topper, here are some points that will tell you why you need a topper.

  • Customize: You can customize the firmness of your bedding, by adding a luxurious topper for comfort or firm topper for back support. Toppers let you eliminate these problems; you can have one topper or separate topper too.
  • Protects: the toppers protect your mattress from dust, stains.
  • Overcomes shortcomings: toppers overcome limitations of mattresses. If your mattress becomes hard or soft after few months of usage, you can combine a topper which compliments your mattress.
  • Body support: mattress are straight, they don’t provide support to all the areas needed. Toppers give support to the body part, you want to be supported.
  • Increased mattress life: the topper increases mattress life by giving new firmness or softness to your mattress.

How to take care of mattress topper

  • If your topper is made of feather or fiber fills, you should weekly rotate it, dusting and shaking them is a weekly routine.
  • Pulling back the covers during the day so that sweat or odor evaporates, and it gives your topper refreshing feel.
  • Some toppers are washable, before washing check the allowable temperature of water and quantity of bleach or washing detergent.
  • Toppers come with a care label you can follow the instruction given there to know more about cleaning mattress topper.

If you are not using the topper you can put it in the cover so that it does not lose its firmness or fluffiness.

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