If you are looking to purchase a good fuzz pedal and confused amid so many choices in the market, don’t worry you are at the right place. We have reviewed more than 50 pedals in our research before finding the best fuzz pedals and after extensive research and studies; we have finalized the top 10 fuzz pedals.

1. Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz

Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz Traditional RichIn a sea of fuzz pedals, the very first product on our list of best fuzz pedals is the one from Donner. This is a traditional looking pedal available at a very affordable cost. It is one of those compact pedals that one can take anywhere. It is a cute and stylish looking pedal.

Numerous people have linked its sound with a violin tone; this just got to show how fabulous this pedal sounds. This pedal can easily compete with bigger and costlier counterparts on the market in many senses.  Donner Guitar Stylish Fuzz has a volume knob, tone knob and bustain knob at the center. It also highlights True Bypass for zero tone coloration.

2. Biyang Fz-10 Fuzz Star

Biyang Fz-10 Fuzz Star

Biyang Fz-10 is a part of baby booms series from Biyang. It is also a compact and features rich fuzz pedal. Biyang Fz-10 is powered by 9v battery or AC adapter. It has three knobs – Tone, Level, and Fuzz that gives you an excellent command over your sound.

A noteworthy feature of this pedal is that it comes with three modes – Normal, Bright and Warm. It is not one of those traditional fuzz pedals, and hence it plays more modern. There is also true bypass feature present in the pedal. Overall, this is a great fuzz pedal with glorious sound at a very reasonable bargain price.

3. Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Distortion

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Distortion

This product from Jimi Hendrix has excellent sound quality. It is a great equipment for home studio, Amateur, and Professional recording. It is not as compact as our previous pedals, but it has a sturdy build quality.

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Dunlop Jimi Hendrix appears with a minimal design, a volume and fuzz knob at the top. We would like to see a LED notification light, but it lacks one. It is developed around the toneful BC108 silicon transistor and power by a 9V battery.

4. ZVex Effects Vexter Fuzz Factory Guitar Effect Pedal

ZVex Effects Vexter Fuzz Factory Guitar Effect Pedal

The fuzz factory offers a variety of fuzz tones. This is unlike a typical fuzz pedal. It has a great sound, very driving and typical sound. The clarity and tonal separation are amazing. What makes it different from other pedal is it three adjustable parameters – compressor, gate, and stab. The inclusion of gate and compressor does the wonders.

This fuzz pedal has a total of 5 knobs other two knobs are volume and drive. It is hand-silkscreened and made from hand-polished aluminum chassis. It may take some time to get used to this pedal, but once you configure it right, you would just fall for this pedal.

5. Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Fuzz Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Fuzz Pedal

This is one of the icons of fuzz pedals. It was first launch more than 40 years ago. This is a re-imagined version of the original pedal. It produced all the classic sound of original NYC Big Muff Pi plus a lot of additional features.

There is variety of controls in this pedal. It has total of 7 knobs – volume knobs to control the sound of entire pedal, tone knob provides a range of high treble to deep bass, sustain knob to control the sustain and distortion, attack knobs control the attack effect in the volume, gate knob, Mid frequency knob and mid level knobs add versatility to this fuzz pedal. There is also a true bypass feature and bass boost and Mids Q switches.

6. Morley PFW Cliff Burton Tribute Power Fuzz Wah

Morley PFW Cliff Burton Tribute Power Fuzz Wah

Morley PFW Cliff Burton is a very different looking pedal compare to our previous pedals; this pedal is a tribute version of 70’s Morley Power Fuzz Wahl. It has a lot of features and controls for creating music. There is Fuzz Level, Intensity, and Vintage / Modern switch. A great feature of the pedal is you can use wash or fuzz independently or together.

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It can be powered by 9-volt battery or Morley adapter. It is backed by two years of warranty by the manufacturer.  This fuzz pedal has fantastic reviews on amazon.com. Most of the users have given it 5/5 stars, and the best thing is not even a single person has given any negative review about this product.

7. EarthQuaker Hoof Fuzz Effects Pedal

EarthQuaker Devices Hoof

EarthQuaker Hoof is the same pedal that is also featured in our best distortion pedal list. This is a very efficient pedal from Eathquaker. Eathquaker is a very reputable brand in the pedal world. One thing that set it apart from every other pedal maker is the fact that every product from Earthquaker is hand-made.

There are four knobs present in this pedal – tone, shift, level and fuzz. It also features a LED indicator and true bypass switch. For power, it uses a 9volt battery. There is a limited lifetime warranty for this product. Overall, there is no doubt that it is one of the best fuzz pedals on the market. Not just us but many users and critics belives the same.

8. Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle™ Jumbo Fuzz

Way Huge WHE401

This is a very quirky looking fuzz pedal from way huge. It is gradient green in color. The varieties of tones offered by this fuzz pedal are very broad. Way Huge is regarded as one of the most brutal pedals by many of its users.

It is most suitable for single note playing. There are quite a few controls available with this pedal which includes loudness and sustain knob, Tone stack scoop control, a crunch knob, filter control and true bypass feature.

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Overall, it is indeed regarded as the best fuzz pedal because of its Versatility and the amazing array of tone it offers. One could hardly find anything wrong with this pedal.

9. Wampler VELVETFUZZ Guitar Pedal

Wampler VELVETFUZZ Guitar Pedal

This is a handmade pedal from Wampler, and it is made and designed in the USA. There are two different versions of this pedal, the one we recommend is version one. This pedal is made for players to get classic fuzz tone into a clean amp.

The controls are very similar to other fuzz pedals in the list. They are – volume knob for controlling the volume, fuzz knob for dictating how much fuzz and clipping start happening on your signal, Big/Tight Switch and a brightness button. There is also true bypass feature.

Various settings are already recommended by the manufacturer on their amazon.com sales page like Cliffs of Johnson and Jacks White Stripes.

10. Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2 Fuzz/Octave

Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2 Fuzz

So the last pedal in our list of best fuzz pedal is one from Fulltone. Numbers of pedals in the market are so high that even a pedal of such quality is at the bottom of our list. Fulltone Octafuzz is a very minimalistic looking pedal with minimal controls.

There are just two big knobs like volume and boost. This pedal is just loved by all of its users, though there are not many reviews of this product but even then almost all of its users have given it 5/5 stars. Overall, it has a rating of 4.9/5 stars. A score of this class for any product speaks a volume about them. Therefore, though it is last on our list, it still holds a remarkably firm ground for itself.

Fuzz Pedal Buying Guide

Are you a big fan of Jimi Hendrix? Then Fuzz must be your foremost choice of pedal. Fuzz pedal comes just after the Distortion Pedal. It is a type of Distortion Pedal. The clipping is extreme in fuzz pedal. It is as saturated as in the compressed Distortion pedal. It is something like many guitars are playing same note altogether.

Fuzz is a type of Distortion-Pedal while it is a bit confusing. Relax!!! Once you crack how to use it, you will enjoy it more than the Distortion Pedal. This pedal is very common among the Rock music lovers. The first Fuzz-Tone was the opening riff of “Satisfaction” by Keith Richards. If you want to go fuzzy with the trickier Fuzz-Pedal, here is your Buying-Guide for it.

Fuzz Pedal uses two types of transistors. You have to select the type of transistor used in the Fuzz pedal:

Silicon Fuzz Pedal – It is used to produce higher gain. It is more reliable and consistence than germanium Fuzz Pedals. A Silicon Fuzz sounds harsher than a Germanium Pedal. Silicon transistors have more gain and high-frequency content. It can be used to generate modern sounds. It is quite easier to make and is inexpensive.

Germanium Fuzz Pedal – It is used for producing a softer tone at low volume levels. It depends on the temperature and heat. It can be affected badly by the strong stage lights. Germanium Fuzz Pedals produces harder and more crisply defined tones. The germanium transistor has a fewer Fuzz Distortion. It is more expansive than Silicon Transistor Fuzz Pedal.

Which Fuzz Pedal is the best to buy?

There are many Fuzz pedals available in the market. Selecting the best fuzz pedal for your Guitar is actually a hard nut to crack. Fuzz pedal is the least predictable among all the pedals. You have to be sure about certain things like what quality of sound do you need and how much sustain you want to add to your notes?

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Choose the quality of sound you want to generate. Do you want a treble biased fuzz sound? You should buy the fuzz pedal according to your sound requirements. The volume knob controls the tone. It could go from treble heavy fuzz to bass-enriched fuzz.

Here are some other features you should look at –

  • A fuzz pedal should generate enough sound, and for lead playing, it should have huge sustain.
  • It should be used in the famous tones by one or more of your favorite rock guitarists.
  • It should be blend with more than one genre.
  • The price should be reasonable.

You should check the Fuzz Effect options, the sound production, the durability, and last but not the least the simplicity. Its layout should be easier to understand. You should prioritize the Pedal with a true Bypass circuitry. Fuzz Pedal is indeed a great choice for your solo rock tones. Your Fuzz Pedal should have extra harmonic richness. Select wisely before buying the best one for your guitar.

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