An electric knife is a piece of kitchen equipment that is used for many purpose such as meat or bread. The device is preferred by many as it provides neat slices and requires a lesser amount of physical effort on the part of the user. Electric knives can be used for other purposes as well, which are discussed later in the article.

The mechanism of an electric knife is fairly simple. The device consists of two jagged blades, that are joined together. Once the knife is turned on, the blades move lengthways continuously, in order to produce a sawing action. This article discusses how you can maintain the sharpness of the blades, the various other uses of an electric knife, a buying guide on how to buy the best electric knife, etc.

Top 10 Best Electric Knife

1. KeyTop 110V-120V/60hz

KeyTop 110V-120VKeyTop 110V-120V/60Hz Professional and Commercial Electric Shawarma Knife is a very useful tool in kitchen as it meets all the cutting requirements for cooking. It gives an impactful performance with the help of powerful motor in it.


60 KG Daily Cutting Capacity – This knife’s maximum capacity for cutting is a massive amount of 60 kg per day. This ensures that a lot of work can be done without any hindrance.

Powerful Blade – KeyTop 110V-120V/60Hz Professional and Commercial Electric Shawarma Knife comprises a very powerful blade which has a diameter of 100 mm and comes with an adjustable cutting depth capability ranging from 0 to 8 millimetres.

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Easy Cleaning and Portability – Cleaning this knife is a hassle-free job because, with the help of the locking screw, the blade can be removed and cleaned quickly. The knife can be transported and stored easily and hence it is very portable.

Suitability To Various Machines – It is a versatile knife which is compatible with all types of shawarma machines, gyro machines, and kebab machines.

  • It contains an inbuilt blade protector to safeguard the blade and the user’s fingers while cutting.
  • The knife comes with an ergonomically designed handle to maintain balance and convenience while usage.
  • The knife might get overheated if overused.
  • The blades may require sharpening on a regular basis.

Final Verdict

KeyTop 110V-120V/60Hz Professional and Commercial Electric Shawarma Knife is a very good choice as it offers great results through uniformity in cutting.

2. Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Shawarma Doner Kebab KnifeShawarma

Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Shawarma Doner Kebab Knife

Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Shawarma Doner Kebab Knife, extraordinary equipment which helps to slice a lot of ingredients quickly and accurately. It is user-friendly and is integrated with many crucial features to offer flawless results.


Wireless Usage – An advantageous element of this knife is that it need not be plugged into the power socket during the usage. It is a wireless knife that runs on batteries once they are fully charged. Due to this, it can be regarded as a Best Electric Knife.

Removable Blades – Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Shawarma Doner Kebab Knife is equipped with blades which can be removed after use and therefore it is undemanding job to keep the knife clean all the time.

Continuous Running Time of 115 Minutes – The users can enjoy the comfort of operating this knife continuously for a commendable duration of 115 minutes at a stretch.

Extra Accessories – This excellent life is accompanied by exclusive accessories like an extra serrated blade, locking pin, Whetstone, and a screwdriver.

  • The knife does not make any noise during usage.
  • It supports all types of rotators.
  • This knife cannot be used without batteries.
  • It takes 90 minutes for the knife to get fully charged and ready-to-use.

Final Verdict

Coolbiz Professional Wireless Electric Shawarma Doner Kebab Knife is an exquisite device which is very convenient to use and gives the best outcomes of cutting.

3. Kitchen Knife Bundle

High-Powered Electric Knife

Kitchen Knife Bundle is a high powered electric knife that comes in a wooden block storage tray. It has a heavy duty motor integrated into it to provide a dynamic performance and is made up of high-quality stainless steel blade for durability.


Two Distinct Blades  – This fantastic knife is embedded with two distinct blades that support both thick and thin slicing. The electric carving knife blade aids to slice pieces of meat with ease and the electric bread knife blade contributes to cut delicate items like bread without breaking the pieces.

Helpful Handle – The Kitchen Knife Bundle comprises an ergonomic handle which is crafted specially to accommodate the curves of a hand. Its prime specialty is that it supports both right and left-handed people equally to use this knife effortlessly.

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Locking Mechanism – There is a locking mechanism in the form of a safety lock system which is present in the storage tray so as to prevent any accidents.

Space-Saving – The knife block occupies very little space, so, it can be easily and safely stored anywhere in the kitchen.

  • The clean-up process is quick because the blades can be dislodged after usage.
  • It has a high-powered motor to deliver best results.
  • There is a chance for the food to get stuck in between the two blades.
  • The blades might not be able to penetrate and cut very thick meat.

Final Verdict

For all the people who wish to own a knife that can cut both thick and thin pieces of food items with precision, Kitchen Knife Bundle is the one to watch out for.

4. Behlen H4265 Electric Burn-In Knife

Behlen H4265 Electric Burn-In Knife

Behlen H4265 Electric Burn-In Knife is a favourable gadget that is a must have in every kitchen because of its simplified and convenient approach to cutting. This knife is light-weighted and users can have a satisfied attempt at cooking.


High-Temperature Core – This splendid knife constitutes a high-temperature element core so as to ensure the provision of an impeccable result no matter where the product is used.

Sturdy Built  – Behlen H4265 Electric Burn-In Knife is created with a sturdy built in order to increase the durability of the blade.

Wooden Grip – To make sure that the users won’t find it difficult to use this knife, it is encased with a wooden grip which offers a strong hold of the knife.

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Efficient Power Cord – The performance of an electric knife depends upon the way the power cord is built and therefore the power cord of this knife is prepared with a 3-conductor style extra flexible 6-foot neoprene.

  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • This knife is ready-to-use and gives a comfortable cutting experience.
  • It may not provide versatile performance.
  • The knife does not contain any additional accessories.

Final Verdict

Behlen H4265 Electric Burn-In Knife is a simple looking yet brilliantly functioning device made with high-quality elements to provide unmatched cutting performance in the kitchen.

5. Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set

Hamilton Beach 74275

Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set is the Best Electric Knife available in the market that bestows restaurant like finishing to each and every item that it slices. It is coupled with a bonus fork so that the food component will stay in place while cutting.


Reciprocating Blades – This knife is composed of 2 stainless steel reciprocating blades which have the ability to slice both softer and thicker ingredients with finesse. All the pieces that are cut with this knife are always of uniform thickness.

Compact Storage Case – Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set can be stored anywhere with the compact case provided exclusively to serve this purpose.

Easy Mobility – This knife comes with a great merit of being able to transport or shift from one place to another without much effort.

Grip Handle – Despite prolonged use, one will not find cutting as a strenuous task because this knife has a thoughtfully designed grip handle which is comfortable to hold due to the nonslip trigger.

  • Even beginners can use this knife for great convenience.
  • The stainless steel blades are easily removable and also dishwasher friendly.
  • It is slightly heavier to hold for a longer period of time.
  • There are chances for the blade to get stuck between thick meat joints.

Final Verdict

Hamilton Beach 74275 Handle Grip Electric Knife Carve N’ Set is a stupendous gadget which operates exceptionally well and is also very convenient to use and store.

6. Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife

Waring Commercial WEK200

Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife is a top-class kitchen tool constituting the latest technological advancements in order to provide an effortless approach to cooking. The knife is not only the best at delivering efficient performance but it is also very comfortable to use.


LED Lights For Visibility – This knife is unique because of its innovative inbuilt LED lights which give a great level of visibility while operating the knife in areas with lower light.

Cordless Knife – Unlike many other electric knives, Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife does not require a power connection during its functioning. It is a cordless device that can be carried and used at any corner of the kitchen.

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Rechargeable – A Lithium ion battery is incorporated into this knife which can be constantly used by recharging when the charging levels become low. It has an astonishingly quick charging time, so there won’t be any need to wait longer to use the knife.

10-Inch Blade – This knife comprises a 10-inch blade to facilitate the cutting of large sized items.

  • The knife has a sleek handle to hold conveniently.
  • It comes in a heavy-duty case for a safe transport and storage.
  • It is a bit expensive.
  • The design of the knife may not look pleasing.

Final Verdict

Waring Commercial WEK200 Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Knife is a compact and wireless tool which gives out exceptional performance at slicing.

7. Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener

Chef's Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener

Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener is an incredible device that is proven to give phenomenal results. It has the capability to provide a precision angle control so that the knives that get sharpened regain the brand new appeal.


3-Stage Sharpening – This device is a higher level sharpener which carries out a 3-stage Diamond Ultra Hone knife sharpening so that every electric knife gets rejuvenated.

Versatile – Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener is an all round sharpening gadget which is versatile enough to deal with serrated 20-degree class knives as well as fine edged knives.

Quick Results – This sharpener is not time-consuming. It brings out sharp and powerful knives instantaneously at a quick pace.

Factory Level Outcomes – Once an electric knife is sharpened with this device, it won’t appear as if it was used before, but the knife shall become even better than before and get a factory level sharpness.

  • This sharpener can be used on almost all electric knives to increase their lifespan.
  • It is easy to maintain and long-lasting.
  • It is relatively expensive.
  • This device releases some noise while sharpening knives.

Final Verdict

Chef’s Choice M112 3-Stage Ultra Hone Sharpener is the best buy device for those who have a constant need to sharpen the knives time and again because this knife sharpener will bring out the best in all the electric knives.

8. Hotkey 110V 60Hz

Hotkey 110V 60Hz Professional and Comerical Powerful Electric Shawarma Doner Kebab Knife

This device is best for the commercial uses and also for personal uses with other modern kitchen instruments. These varieties of blades offer smooth cutting off pieces of meat all along. It is kept safe with blade protectors and is enough sharp to carry on cutting with ease and finesse. The design is perfectly made to help the person hold it perfectly while working. It can be used with all rotators according to necessity and also can be utilized while working on a recipe with highly secure panels to control the short circuiting.


Hand shaped specialized handle – It includes the hand shape specialized handle that helps a lot in while cooking and cutting together. These handles help in a swift movement and decrease chances of any accident.

Varied Rotators – There are also various rotators according to the necessity of cutting. These rotators decrease the time of cooking according to the recipe.

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Blade protectors – The blade protect keeps the blade safe from damages and the sharpness of the blade thus remains intact accordingly. This helps in perfect maintenance of the item.

  • The function of a kitchen turns fast with the use of this appliance.
  • No problems with cut fingers if handled properly.
  • The blade protectors and sharpeners make the appliance long-lasting.
  • Chances of getting electrocuted are not maintained properly.
  • The blades may damage other kitchen appliances since it functions on its own.

Final Verdict

This product makes a difference in the field of commercial preparation as we find that this helps the cook of any restaurant serve any dish very soon and make the dish a perfection.

9. Cuisinart 7117-16 EPS Roaster with Electric Knife & Tools

Cuisinart 7117-16EPS Roaster with Electric Knife & Tools

One of the best combo deals with a brand name of Cuisinart seems to be a deal for everyone who has modern kitchen appliances and seem to offer more time to cooking. The combo comes with a Roaster, Electric Knife, Turkey Baster, Turkey Lifters and also Meat Thermometer which seems best for people who cook turkey and also other kinds of meat. The meat thermometer is a special part and a real deal useful instrument for recipes that require a particular temperature to be cooked. The most important fact is that the electrical knife offers the specialties of cutting turkey in a perfect way.


Roaster design – The key features include the design of roaster that fits perfectly and due to perfectly stainless coating, it seems to be impossible to have issues in future.

Perfectly shaped handle – The electric knife comes with a perfectly shaped handle for swift uses and the fluent design is the best fit for perfect cutting edge meat separating.

Turkey lifters – The turkey lifters just add to the combination of modern utensils that saves a lot of time for personal uses and commercial uses.

  • The roaster can fit easily in all standard sized ovens.
  • The easy and faster way to follow the cooking recipe.
  • The perfect way to save time and cut with best shapes.
  • Turkey lifters are best for proper serving.
  • They can cause short circuiting if not handled very carefully.
  • Turkey lifters are sharp and may cause accidents while cooking.
  • The blades are too sharp and can cause accidents and so need to be kept away from children.

Final Verdict

The roaster is one of the best as it fits in all standard size ovens and it is safest to wash the utensils.

10. Hotkey 110V/ 60Hz Automatic Professional and Commercial powerful Electric

Hotkey 110V - 60Hz

This type of electrical knife is well characterized by a super strong blade and also whetstone to sharpen them occasionally. These blades are very much necessary for proper functioning of the knife and perfect shopping solutions. These are also characterized by the easy mode of having the perfect solutions of cutting and shaping for any recipes whatsoever. For every kitchen be it personal or commercial, this is going to save the time of the cook and the recipes can be served in the perfect way. Meat cutting in a perfect manner is never an easy job and this kitchen appliance makes the job much easier.


Whetstone as blade sharpener – It is a known fact that whet stone can sharpen the blade as and when necessary for making the blades long lasting and this lets the kitchen recipes move swiftly with proper cutting.

Variable rotators – There are frequent changes in use of rotators for fine or differentiated chopping. Different recipes require different types of meat cutting and that is why the variable rotators help a lot in this field.

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Stream lined design – The streamlined design helps in easy movement of the knife and easy working of the cook for the perfectly seasoned and timed recipes.

  • The cooking takes very less time.
  • Chopping takes place in the finest of ways.
  • The sharpeners can keep the blades sharp and these blades are well protected.
  • There are chances of occurrence of short circuiting if proper branded products are not used.
  • There are chances of accidents as the knives work on their own through electric current.

Final Verdict

Moreover, the best solution for manual use of knives and making a mess out of most recipes is the use of a proper electric knife as this product that comes with the random and faster utility and also shows to be a great necessity among all kitchen appliances.

How to Sharpen the Blades

Due to the blades in an electric knife having serrated edges, they retain their sharpness for a longer period of time than the blade of a carving knife. However, it is still advisable to sharpen your blades every now and then, to ensure that they remain in optimum condition. The process of sharpening a blade is simple and easy. You would need to buy a blade sharpening rod for the same, which is easily available in any hardware store or a store that specializes in household furniture. Once you have obtained a blade sharpening rod, you need to follow these steps:

  • Remove the blade you wish to sharpen from your electric knife.
  • Keep the sharpening rod in one hand and with the other, hold the blade by its base such that its tip is facing away from you.
  • Place the rod in the first serration of the blade, and slide the blade back and forth, such that the rod remains in the same serration. Do this for a few seconds.
  • Repeat the step given above with every serration of the blade, till you reach its tip. Once you reach the tip of the blade, move over to the other side and sharpen each serration on this side with the same process as well.

Different Uses of an Electric Knife

There are numerous uses of an electric knife, other than cutting foods, which make them a popular household device. These uses are:

  • You can use an electric knife to cut foam cushions for stools, chairs, etc. You can cut foam pillows neatly to a custom shape as well.
  • An electric knife can be used to soundproof your home as you can cut acoustic sound-absorbing tiles and fit them on the walls.
  • Household plumbing can be made easier with the use of an electric knife which can be used to cut insulation or PVC pipes to the desired size.
  • An electric knife can be used for several other miscellaneous purposes as well, such as resizing mattresses, cutting Styrofoam or cardboard boxes, etc.

Electric Knife Buying Guide

Buying an electric knife can have numerous advantages and if you decide to purchase one, selecting the proper knife can be a difficult process as there are many types of electric knives to choose from. You must research extensively to ensure that the knife you select suits your needs perfectly and doesn’t turn out to be a waste of your money. The aspects to keep in mind while deciding on which knife to buy are given below:


The price range of electric knives can vary dramatically and hence, it is advisable to set a budget before searching for the best electric knives. As is the case with most products, the quality and durability of the knife that you purchase would vary directly with its price.


All electric knives come with blades that are specially designed to carve meat. However, many knives would require you to separately purchase the blade that is used to slice bread. Thus, if the prime reason for you to purchase an electric knife is to carve meat more easily, spending some more money for the bread-slicing blade can prove to be unnecessary. An additional necessity is that the blades must be removable, as otherwise, sharpening them would be difficult.

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Many older models of electric knives have handles that may vibrate violently and consequently lead to pain or numbness in your hand. However, recent models come with ergonomic handles, which fit the outline of your hand perfectly. Thus, purchasing an electric knife that has an ergonomic handle is highly recommended.

Cordless or Corded

Both cordless and corded knives have their respective pros and cons. A cordless knife offers better mobility and freedom when you use it. However, a cordless electric knife works on battery which requires it to be charged regularly. A corded electric knife doesn’t offer the same maneuverability as a cordless one. However, you get constant power when you are using a corded electric knife, which is more convenient. Therefore, most users prefer corded models over cordless ones.


It is important to check up on reviews of the model you decide to purchase before buying it. These can be reviews given by the customer or on websites.

Final Thoughts

An electric knife is a great device to own if you are required to carve meat or cut other foods regularly as it is effective and efficient in cutting neat slices and reducing the physical effort you are required to put in. However, these knives can be used for other purposes as well, as are mentioned in the article. It is advisable to go through the buying guide given in this article before purchasing an electric knife, to ensure that your investment doesn’t go to waste.

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